Ponuka služieb pre firemnú klientelu

Jednoduchá prezentácia má za úlohu prihovoriť sa a zaujať firemnú klientelu. Rovnako môže poslúžiť ako pomôcka pre obchodníka pri osobnej prezentácií služieb. Obálka Vnútorné strany

Marco Car RENT brochure

Marketing material to present the current offer of operating lease vehicles. The material is based on the presentation of a specific vehicle. The strategy is built by presenting the benefits of simplicity and accessibility in terms of price and time. The strategy increases the sense of timeliness and urgency. The offer is limited to ten […]

Reception service Marco Café

Service is also available in the café on the MArco Car premises. Customers can thus arrange a number of services while sitting down with a coffee. Presentation of basic services at the café window Presentation of basic and extended services at the café window Displaying the layout of elements

Marco Car RENT product logo design

The Marco Car RENT logo design represents the new product of the traditional supplier of comprehensive services for modern mobility MARCO CAR. The logo of the new Marco Car RENT service has the ambition to communicate autonomously without the MARCO CAR logo, but at the same time it allows to work together. Highly recognizable thanks […]

Promo OC Optima

The information campaign in the OC Optima shopping centre consists of an A2 poster and two video formats. Video presentation

Marco Car summer campaign

The aim of the summer campaign is to promote awareness of the Marco Car brand and its services. The campaign will showcase selected summer services through colours, fonts and logotype. The campaign will use the Google Display Network and Facebook advertising platforms. Links will be directed to the landing page of the campaign with a […]