10 principles of good design

10 contributions for 10 principles

Each paper contains two pages. They will be published as a two-page presentation on LinkedIn. On the first page is the order and text of the rule. On the other side is its full text.

For each post there is also a commentary describing the post. The texts are currently prepared in Slovak and German.

1 – Good design is innovative

SK: 💡 VALTA Engineering has its own unique design style. 🖼 Our style is the result of influences from European cultures (German view of functionality, Nordic design in its simplicity). Dieter Rams has also left his mark on us, whose outputs are a unique combination of functionality and minimalism. 🔔 That’s why we decided to publish his “10 rules of good design” with our short commentary.

DE: 💡 VALTA Engineering has a unique, unique design style. 🖼 Unser Stil ist das Ergebnis des Einflusses der europäischen Kulturen (deutsche Auffassung von Funktionalität, nordisches Design in seiner Einfachheit). Auch Dieter Rams hat uns seinen Stempel aufgedrückt, dessen Ergebnisse eine einzigartige Kombination aus Funktionalität und Minimalismus sind. 🔔 That’s why we have written “10 Regeln für gutes Design” mit unserem kurzen Kommentar zu veröffentlichen.

2 – Good design makes a product useful

SK: Today’s post continues our series “10 rules of good design”. In this rule is materialized a lot of what we follow in our team. It’s basically the definition of minimalism. Utility and functionality are paramount. Good design supports and explains the use. The resulting beauty arises spontaneously as an important side effect of functionality.

DE: With the heutigen Beitrag setzen wir unsere Serie “10 Regeln für gutes Design” fort. In this section there is a lot of what we in our team are looking for. Es ist im Grunde die Definition von Minimalismus. Nützlichkeit und Funktionalität stehen an erster Stelle. Gutes Design unterstützt und erklärt den Gebrauch. Die daraus resultierende Schönheit ergibt sich spontan als wichtiger Nebeneffekt der Funktionalität.

3 – Good design is aesthetic

SK: Are you following our thoughts on the 10 rules of design? In the last post, we argued that good design is useful. We must not add anything to the design that would limit functionality. Today’s rule adds an important message. All functional elements must be beautiful and harmonious as a whole. The result is the aesthetics of the whole. The use of such products bring us benefit and pleasure. Yes, products improve our lives.

DE: Verfolgen Sie unsere Überlegungen zu den 10 Regeln des Designs? In unserem letzten Beitrag haben wir argumentiert, dass gutes Design nützlich ist. Wir dürfen dem Design nichts hinzufügen, was die Funktionalität einschränkt. This important rule is an important reason for us to be here. Alle funktionalen Elemente müssen als Ganzes schön und harmonisch sein. The result is the Ganzen approach. The use of these products brings us Nutrition and Freedom. Yes, products improve our lives.

4 – Good design makes the product understandable

SK: If you’ve been following our series closely, you’ll have noticed that the different rules support and build on each other. In the previous rules, we talked about how design promotes functionality and aesthetics make it more enjoyable to use. The test of good design is therefore its clarity. When we test a product, if we see that our product doesn’t need a manual and is used intuitively, we know that we have designed the product correctly.

DE: Wenn Sie unsere Serie aufmerksam verfolgt haben, werden Sie bemerkt haben, dass die verschiedenen Regeln sich gegenseitig unterstützen und aufeinander aufbauen. In the first regulations we have already discussed how design enhances functionality and makes the use of the product more attractive. Der Test für gutes Design ist also seine Klarheit. If we see in the course of testing a product that our product is not annotated and is intuitively used, we know that we have the product in good working order.

5 – Good design is unobtrusive

SK: With today’s five rules, we’re halfway through our “10 Rules of Good Design” series. In it, Dieter Rams explains the essential role of the product. By adhering to rule number 5, the products will not tire the customer even after years of use. That is why this rule also plays an important role in product development at VALTA engineering.

DE: With the first two volumes of the “10 Rules for Good Design” series, we have put together the first volumes of the “10 Rules for Good Design” series. Darin macht Dieter Rams deutlich, dass es auf das Produkt ankommt. Wenn man die Regel Nummer 5 befolgt, werden Produkte auch nach Jahren des Gebrauchs nicht langweilig. This is why this regulation also has an important place in the product development here at VALTA engineering.

6 – Good design is honest

SK: Honesty is the ornament of the most enduring relationships. Keeping an open and straightforward approach is also necessary in product design. This key detail allows you to create a strong relationship between the product and its user. This great miracle is what we strive for at VALTA engineering.

DE: Ehrlichkeit ist die Zierde der beständigsten Beziehungen. Offenheit und Direktheit sind auch bei der Produktgestaltung notwendig. Dieses wichtige Detail ermöglicht es Ihnen, eine starke Beziehung zwischen dem Produkt und seinem Benutzer zu schaffen. This is the big question that we at VALTA engineering are trying to solve.

7 – Good design has a long service life

SK: Do you believe in Dieter Rams’ rule number 7? We at VALTA Engineering do. In this rule of good design, Dieter Rams was ahead of his time. Considering ecology in product development means that we at VALTA engineering take care of the functional, moral and aesthetic lifetime of our products.

DE: Do you like Dieter Rams’ Regel Nummer 7? Wir von VALTA Engineering schon. Mit dieser Regel des guten Designs war Dieter Rams seiner Zeit voraus. Die Ökologie bei der Produktentwicklung zu berücksichtigen, bedeutet bei VALTA Engineering, sich um die funktionale, moralische und ästhetische Lebensdauer von Produkten zu kümmern.

8 – Good design is sophisticated to the last detail

SK: Paying attention to details hurts. But it makes sense. Minor flaws can ruin even the best design. Conversely, careful attention to detail will draw attention to functionality and enhance the aesthetics of the product.

DE: Es tut weh, auf Details zu achten. Aber es macht Sinn. Kleine Fehler können selbst das beste Design ruinieren. Umgekehrt lenkt die sorgfältige Beachtung von Details die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Funktionalität und verbessert die Ästhetik des Produkts.

9 – Good design is environmentally friendly

SK: We have already touched on ecology in rule number 7. In Rule 9, Dieter Rams already considers ecology directly. We do the same at VALTA engineering. We are considering the choice of material. We consider its durability, the quantity used and the possibility of recycling. In our team, we believe that functional products with technical, moral and aesthetic durability are a good basis for reducing ecological impacts.

DE: We have already addressed the Ökologie in Regulation Number 7. In Regulation 9, Dieter Rams takes Ökologie very directly. That’s what we do at VALTA engineering too. We are talking about the export of materials. Wir berücksichtigen die Haltbarkeit, die verwendete Menge und die Möglichkeit des Recyclings. In our team we believe that functional products with technical, moral and ethical safety are a good basis for the reduction of environmental impacts.

10 – Good design means the smallest possible design

SK: Finally, the strongest. Less is more. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. For us, it’s the golden rule and the yardstick for evaluating any proposal. Every doubt about functionality, clarity, economic feasibility is solved by this rule. When this rule is consistently applied, you are left with a valuable diamond in your hands after a hard day’s work. To the diamond we can also compare Dieter Rams’ 10 rules of good design. They help us at VALTA engineering. Try applying them yourself. You can download all 10 rules in one file at this link: ????

DE: Schließlich das Stärkste. I am sure that you have been doing this for the last few years. For us, this is the golden rule and the basis for the evaluation of each Vorschlags. Every aspect of functionality, quality and economic efficiency will be safeguarded by this rule. If this rule is applied consistently, you should put a large amount of diamonds in the hands after a hard working day. With the diamond we can also combine Dieter Rams’ 10 rules for good design. They are available from VALTA engineering. Versuchen Sie selbst, sie anzuwenden. Sie können alle 10 Regeln in einer Datei unter diesem Link herunterladen: ????

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