Let’s get the first marketing button right

I think you’ll find out. Quick morning start. Semi-automatically you try to get into your shirt, get ready in the shortest time possible and go. From the beginning you have an unpleasant feeling – something is not right. But you don’t have time to slow down. You only notice it when the last button is missing a hole – you have to start all over again…

What is the first button of marketing?

I like the British Marketing Institute’s short and simple definition of marketing:
Marketing is a managed process for identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably.
So if you’re trying to create a modern, marketing-driven company, you have no choice but to insert this central process into its DNA.
Your education, knowledge, skills or personal experience have guided you to the field in which you are building your career. You are trying to market a product or service. We all tend to believe that honest work and a willingness to work hard predispose us to succeed and outperform the competition. However, this is a mistake. A fallacy proven many times by experience. To work hard and honestly, it takes a great deal of luck or a systematic approach to defining your own marketing strategy. Take a responsible approach to the time you need to invest. Deny it to family, friends, sleep, sports…so dedicate it to hard work. Decide to turn on the first knob correctly. If you have missed this step, please do not hesitate to return. Develop a strategy for your marketing. Increase your chances of success in a significant way.
Try to spend these days, as I do, with the idea determining your success. I have prepared a desktop background to help you. The illustration was created by illustrator Marcel. It is motivating and calm at the same time. It will remind you of the importance of a marketing strategy. Download here.

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