80% of mistakes are made in the first 20% of the project

I like the new year. The way his first days pass and offer themselves to us like an unsigned sheet of paper. It motivates us to new goals, ambitions and projects. Mentally we are ready for great things. Let’s not let this year slip through our fingers. It offers us plenty of time for honest and meaningful work. Let’s concentrate to the real use of every hour spent working. We can change a lot. According to experienced project managers, 80% percent of mistakes are made right at the beginning of a project. Marketing projects equally have their great opportunities hidden in the introduction. Let’s not waste them.

The project does not start with results

Every project start-up is about defining goals, creating a project and a schedule. Inner turmoil and lack of self-confidence feed our desire to see results immediately. They force us already to produce, already to sell, already to communicate. Even if we don’t know what, for whom and about whom.

Let’s not fall into the trap of mediocrity

The greatest value of our business projects is the amount of time we focus on. If we can’t find the calmness and inner discipline within ourselves to define an exceptional project goal for its actual fulfillment, we will usually create a mediocre thing. This practice often plunges us for decades into a highly competitive middle stream of mediocrity, where advertising and marketing are expensive and the results often ineffective.

Instead of frustration, let’s choose the path of the motivational spiral

An ambitious plan and an exceptional goal will help us in attracting quality people. Working with exceptional people will keep our whole team motivated and engaged. Set aside adequate time for quality implementation. It is important to rejoice in every milestone successfully achieved. Our team’s confidence and motivation will continuously grow and its members will love their work.

Mediocre product does not motivate marketing creativity

Mediocrity stifles creativity. On the contrary, an exceptional product is a huge inspiration. We all want to be part of exceptional projects. Exceptional product inspires strong creative. Investments in marketing will be highly effective.

There is no escape from the reality of the market

If you bring a mediocre product to market, the carousel of problems begins. The product will not attract customers and you will not “get rid of it” without a big investment. On the contrary, an exceptional product will increase your brand value, marketing will be effective and the product will “sell itself”. Success will boost your team’s confidence and desire to create new things.
I wish you a lot of self-confidence and ambition to create extraordinary things. May you be inspired by the exceptional projects and full concentration of wallpaper from our court illustrator Marcel. Download HERE

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