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If your capacity is ready to produce more products or offer more services, it’s the perfect time to grow and earn more. Expand your audience, build awareness and acquire new customers through an advertising campaign. Choose your campaign type and submit a request for an initial meeting.

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Take advantage of the most modern and progressive way of marketing communication. Perfect targeting, a multitude of ways and formats present an opportunity that presents potential in any type of business. Just contact us. We will help you to think about your campaign in the right way, get to know the basic options and create a concept for your future campaign.

Use the traditional and proven method of advertising communication. Reach your customers with the right choice of communication tools and put your brand next to the big traditional companies. Creative campaign disseminated through non-addressed leaflet distribution (mailboxes, trains, public transport) billboard, citylight, radio, TV spot, etc. is associated by customers with stability and value of the presented brand.

Create the perfect hit from which there will be no escape! The combination of online and offline media delivers an effective repeat intervention. With this scheme, you will get multiple repeat reaches of the target group. Being present in both the digital and real worlds will bring high relevance to your brand, product or service. Your brand becomes part of your audience's active memory.

Create a brand

Without a consistently presented and built brand, your marketing communications are handicapped. Get the most out of your marketing investment. Create a brand that will stand the test of time and will always be recognisable to your audience.

We will prepare your shield! :-O

We all love stories. We remember them and form a strong emotional attachment to their main characters. A properly conceived logotype has the same potential to become memorable and create an emotional bond. In addition, the brand can also communicate defined target brand associations. Branding is a highly technical activity that requires knowledge of theory, enough experience and enough time for the creative process.

Many now quite strong brands were created at the turn of the century. During this period, the awareness and skills of early agencies and designers were often at a very low level. Redesigning or modifying a brand is an opportunity to create an artistically and technically functional logo while retaining the distinctive elements of the original look. The redesigned logotype will elevate the impression of your company's marketing communication.

Use every opportunity for marketing communication in a consistent way. Building the impression of your company will be more intense and consistent. We will create for you a basic geometric definition of the logotype, definition of fonts and colours. We will then prepare a library of logotypes for use in print and electronic media. Based on your needs, we will prepare a proposal for the elements you currently use.

Create a website

Presence in the Internet environment is a necessity today. Content, functionality and appearance are prerequisites for adequate traffic, information functionality and the ability to deliver the expected objectives.

Your campaigns need a base camp! :-#

A visit to the website often precedes personal contact, or is the first place to fill in information after a personal meeting. The content of the web presentation should communicate your products, services, your company's values, expertise and all important contacts. Through a blog, you can build an audience and report on the latest news in your company.

With a specially designed page created to achieve a specific goal, you can get many times more conversions. Take advantage of our experience and after a short consultation we will design a strategy for you to achieve your goals. Using the landing page of the site you can get a new subscriber of the newsletters, a person interested in a quotation or a non-binding order or a participant for your corporate event.

It's not just Amazon that is an online store. An online store or e-commerce solution is suitable wherever there is a prerequisite for a complete and independent conversion without the need to deploy a salesperson or consultant. It does not matter whether your customer is a company or a private person. There can be thousands of products but there can also be one. The important thing is just to accompany the customer correctly from the visit to the completion of the purchase.

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If you’re interested in systematic, strategically led marketing communications, it’s very likely that we’ll come to an agreement. From the very first moment of our communication we will strive for maximum efficiency, saving financial and time resources. After the first short consultation you will have an idea of how we can help you. We have prepared the following form for this purpose.