In-house marketing

In-house marketing for small and medium-sized companies

During the 20. days you can prepare a new marketing strategy. The training day is always followed by a day off to work on your project.

Dust off your marketing and build a new look on a strong foundation

Your marketing strategy will be built around the key benefits of your product or service. Your clear direction will be controlled by mission and vision. Based on this knowledge, you will be able to define the appropriate target group and choose the right communication channels to reach them. You will learn how you can use psychology and make your product a tool to satisfy the emotional needs of the customer, to build trust and a relationship with the brand. You are able to create marketing content, design, implement and evaluate an advertising campaign in the right way. To be successful, you need a passion for your own product, an interest in the client, and an open mind to adopting proven methods and practices.

Course content

Day 1

Key product/service value

Day 2

Company mission and vision

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

Content marketing and influencer strategies

Day 8

Advertising - content preparation

Day 9

Advertising - preparation of a heritage calendar

Day 10

Key product/service value

Course course

Course price

A total of 80 hours of training and consultation divided into 10 days spread over one calendar month during which you will prepare your company's marketing strategy in-house.

price without VAT

1.600 € / person*

*50% discount for each additional employee from the same company

Dates and Campaign

Courses can be taken in any calendar month. You have until 15. of the previous month. The course requires a minimum of 2 participants. The maximum number of participants is set at 6. In special cases it is possible to agree on an increase in the number of participants.


Depending on the choice of those interested, it is possible to carry out the course online or in our secure space within Košice. The selection is tailored to the number of people and the location of the companies so that they are available for regular commuting.

Application form

Upon receipt of your request, we will inform you promptly. We will confirm the information about the date and specify the location of the course and the method of payment.


Make marketing a stable pillar of your success!

Thank you for your interest and trust...