On the magic of Christmas spots.

A little tears, but mostly a great miracle of togetherness. Take a look at my selection. P.S.: Don’t forget to belong too! It’s good to express it to your clients. We will be happy to help you.

Data-Driven Design. Buzzword or necessity?

The focus on customer experience management is growing. A few years ago, product design was often up to the vision and intuition of the designer. Today everything is different. Currently, product design is built on feedback and information gathered from the user. Solutions are increasingly built on analytical rules, complementing and guiding the intuition of […]

Let’s get the first marketing button right

I think you’ll find out. Quick morning start. Semi-automatically you try to get into your shirt, get ready in the shortest time possible and go. From the beginning you have an unpleasant feeling – something is not right. But you don’t have time to slow down. You only notice it when the last button is […]

Success or marketing in the right quadrant

I wrote this article when I realized how much work it takes to be mediocre, and how little you need to add to create something extraordinary. Often all it takes is a change of perspective and a conceptual arrangement of the energy invested. This is also true in marketing. Marketing works. Effort and investment in […]

80% of mistakes are made in the first 20% of the project

I like the new year. The way his first days pass and offer themselves to us like an unsigned sheet of paper. It motivates us to new goals, ambitions and projects. Mentally we are ready for great things. Let’s not let this year slip through our fingers. It offers us plenty of time for honest […]